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Senatorial Revenge
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I'm Elmer L.Snow, III, author of Senatorial Revenge.

About the Author

ELMER L. SNOW III has lived the books he authors. He is a retired police sergeant from the Prince George's County, Maryland, Police Department. During his career he served as supervisor in vice control, robbery squad, and organized crime, and as a crisis negotiator with the elite Hostage Negotiations Team.

Following his retirement, Snow was employed to provide personal protection for the chairman of the board and key executives of the DuPont Company in Delaware, where he served for several years. His formal training and expertise in personal protection and counterterrorism led to numerous assignments, including serving as a security coordinator with Halliburton Corporation in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003—2004. He specialized in investigating and developing patterns of terrorist activity against US personnel.

Snow has also worked as a newspaper reporter and a private investigator, is a former elected mayor of Delaware City, and has authored three published books: Overkill—A Detective's Story, Revenge Served Cold, and A View from Iraq.

Elmer currently lives in Johns Creek, Georgia, with his wife, Mary, where the two enjoy a second chance at first love after being apart for forty-seven years.

About my latest book, Senatorial Revenge

Derrick Kirk Alexander Jr. realizes that the US government has reached their tolerance level toward acts of international terrorism when he is recruited from American University to work as a deep cover operative for the Central Intelligence Agency. His role in government is so secretive that he, along with several operatives known as the "dirty boys," answer only to a US senator who has full support from the president of the United States.

Kirk's missions take him across the globe to punish those who would harm a US citizen. Life is rewarding until he finds that the same government he's sworn to defend has now targeted him. Kirk learns that sometimes in life, your only ally is the enemy you've targeted to die.